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I've been using computers since I was three years old, I more or less taught myself at that age to use command line to play many of the old dos based adventure games. I guess it just ran in the family as my father, three of my uncles, and my grandfather were all involved in computer technology.

When it came to my freshman year is highschool I jumped on the opportunity to take computer science. I started with Visual Basic, simple programming in Excel, and some minor frame animation work. I continued taking computer science every year during high school. I learned HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript, as well as Java and a bit of C++.

Along side my computer science studies I took a video editing course, graphic design, electronic imaging, and joined my schools photography and robotics clubs. The latter is where I learned most of my C++ and RobotC coding.

After high school I took a bit of a hiatus from programming to pursue game design and video/audio editing. I took up streaming on Twitch and tried to turn a profit making gaming videos on YouTube. Long story short, that plan didn't really work out and now I have found myself working a grocery store barely making more than minimum wage.

During a trip to visit my brother in California I was introduced to the fullstack bootcamp he works for. I was instantly enthralled by the idea and started looking for similar programs back home on the east coast. Enter UNH and their bootcamp program, before I knew it I was signed up and registered for the course.

I have since completed the bootcamp program, and now I am working to master the skills I gained along the way so I can find a new and succesful career in web development.


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